Activate User Consent

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In order for legally record the calls, you have to collect user's consent.
You can set the option per Project or per Route (Inbound routes), as it follows:

Step 1

Submit a request to for activating the option. Possible options:
  • 1. No Consent (Default)
  • 2. Consent on "yes" (press 1) AND "no" (press 9), reject for "no"
  • 3. Consent on "yes" (press 1), continue for "no"
  • 4. Consent on "yes" (press 1), continue for hangup
Technical notes: extensions.conf > [globals] > RECORDING_CONSENT_TYPE & reload dialplan

Wait for User Consent activation:

Step 2

Go to Settings -> Projects
  • Use recording consent: Check
  • 'We are recording' message: recording_consent_yes

If you don't want this option activated per Project, you can set it per Route in PBX -> Inbound Routes

Step 3 (Optional)

Activate in PBX the option to Add This Tag in Caller ID for Recorded Calls (E.g.: Rec).
Submit a request to for activating the option.

Technical notes: RECORDING_CONSENT_TAG= ; add this tag in caller name for recorded calls. Default is disabled. E.g.: (Rec)

How to configure the option:

Available in other languages: RO

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