Call Recordings Retention Period

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1. Call Recordings Storage Duration

The retention period of your recordings is set from the PBX and can be viewed in Settings / Parameters.

The default value of the retention period, corresponding to the standard package is 365 days, within the allocated storage space (10GB default).

The retention period of the recordings can be established by contract or by your instructions or by editing in Settings / Parameters at any time, by your Admin.
The parameter cdr_recordings_storage_duration is set by your PBX Admin, corresponding to the purposes of personal data processing and cannot have a value of less than 30 days.

When the retention period is reached, the recordings are deleted automatically.

  • if you set the retention period to 180 days, but the storage space is close to the 10GB limit before the 180 days expire, you will receive an automatic notification to supplement the storage space or change the number of days (retention period of records);
  • if you set the retention period to 365 days and the volume of the stored recordings falls within the limit of 10GB for the entire period of 365 days, at the end of the period, the recordings older than 365 days will be automatically deleted;

The responsibility for choosing the retention period of the recordings, establishing the purposes and the lawfulness of processing of personal data, as well as obtaining consent to record calls, rests entirely with the Controller (Beneficiary of the PBX).
Submit a request to the email address or to for any type of PBX customization regarding personal data.

2. Selective/manual erasure of the recordings

If you want to specifically erase certain audio recordings go to secetion: Settings / Data Management.

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