Data Management

In Settings / Data Management you can manage personal data, as it follows:


  • Scheduling data purge interval (purge) for CRM or CDR elements can be perform accessing Settings / Parameters and setting the following parameters:
    • data_purge_interval - customizable
    • cdr_recordings_storage_duration [readonly] - default PBX setting
  • if data_purge_interval is not defined OR data_purge_interval is defined, but no recording (CDR) was manually selected for purging, all call recordings will be automatically deleted when the default data retention period is over. The PBX's default data retention period is set by cdr_recordings_storage_duration variable = 365 days from the date of storing in the database; default PBX value, customizable on demand.
  • Data deletion including the backup files will be completed within 2 to 4 weeks interval.
  • In order to archive and store your recordings for an undefined perioad after the default cdr_recordings_storage_duration has expired, the recordings must be downloaded UNTIL the default data retention period is reached.
    The recordings can be downloaded in the following ways:
    • by FTP - please send your technical specifications by submitting a ticket to

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